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Recipe Box filled with Recipes July 27, 2008

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Early this summer, I bought a book on Polish recipes.

it was filled with so many loose recipe clipping that the binding was broken.

I was surprised that it sold for as much as it did.

At the Last estate sale , I saw a box of Vintage recipes . I took a chance & bought it.

Vintage Recipe Box

Vintage Recipe Box

I thought I was the only one in the world, that enjoyed looking at old recipes. People love them as much as I do. I am not sure if they are used for cooking, reading or for altered art.


Non Ebay- DO we know what our kids are doing ? October 14, 2006

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Last night, I spent two hours with my teen at school sponsored program about gangs and violence in the school.

A few month ago, a young man died, Killed by a Gang.

http://www.northjersey.com/page.php?qstr=eXJpcnk3ZjcxN2Y3dnFlZUVFeXkzJmZnYmVsN2Y3dnFlZUVFeXk2OTg0MjIyIt shocked our sleepy town.
But we are only a few minutes away from New York City, Newark and Paterson. Gangs pass through our town daily.

Our kids are influenced by the “Hype” of gangs in music, books, tv and even coloring books.


The Police at this event emphasised that it so important to talk to your kids and really listen to them.

Know who there friends are, Meet the parents of the friends.

Listen to the music that they listen too, Is it filled with violence and hatred to other women, men.

Who do they call on their cell phones. Do they have a myspace account or a face book

The detective also said to get a program to record everything your child does on the computer and make sure that your child’s friend parents have it on their computer.

I did a search and found a few programs that seem to do the job and aren’t pricey.
They are:

IamBig brother _ free demo download **

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  • Will capture ALL passwords typed.
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  • Will not slow down the computer.
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  • Monitor any Email
  • Monitor Children’s activities on Computer / Web
  • Monitor Employees or counter monitor employers
  • Monitor a cheating spouse
  • Records any password
  • Monitors across networks
  • Monitor by user
  • Monitor via Webcam (record/view)
  • Monitor via Mic (record/view)
  • Monitor multiple remote PC
  • Remote Deployment and Monitoring
  • Remote FTP (upload/download) any file to remote PC
  • Password Protected and special Hot Key for program
  • Monitor in Total Stealth
  • Monitor Remote PC Webcam

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Every WEBSITE visited

* EMAILS sent and received

* INSTANT MESSAGES sent and received
* CHAT ROOM conversion made
* Every PROGRAM that is runned

* Every KEYSTROKE will be recorded: This is a very important feature because this will allow you to record the passwords that they use to get into email accounts such as HOTMAIL, YAHOO, AOL, or the passwords to other sites that you want access to.
PC Pandora will even record secret passwords so you can always know what they are trying to get away with behind your back.

PC Pandora stays completely hidden!

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The wonders of ebay October 14, 2006

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One person and a computer can sell the world , one piece at a time.

If you are like me , you wander around garage sales looking for items to resell on Ebay.

Preferably, something that will only cost a quarter and that you can resell for  40- 100 bucks.

There are some pretty unusual & quirky things that you Can buy and resell  that you would normally pass.

Some big sellers are:

Enema bags

Adult cloth diaper

Rubber pants ( to cover the diaper


Large size womans’s shoes- 12  & up
What’s the quirky thing  you found  and sold ?